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WordPress Premium Plugins

WP Content Copy Protection Upgraded to v1.6.4 !! Upgrade versions are gradually being sent out to our premium users.
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We want  to help you and your business take the guesswork out of building, extending and securing your WordPress driven sites and therefor, we hand-craft (and simplify) awesome WordPress plugins that are power packed and super easy to use. 


WP Codecipher

CodeCipher encrypts and obfuscates your WordPress site’s source code output – essentially protecting it from being visible to unwanted users/guests.

WP Donate for Content

This plugin will enable you to hide some, or all of your content and make it available to users at a minimum donation amount set by you.

WP Image Copyright Notice

This plugin adds an elegant little copyright notice to your images and is displayed in a stylish popup when a user attempts to right-click and open the image context.

WP Pic-Decoy

Pic-Decoy uses an array of aggressive techniques in protecting your images from theft.The ultimate image protection plugin for WordPress.

WP Content Copy Protection PRO

This plugin uses an array of aggressive protection techniques in securing your blog content from being stolen. The best plugin WordPress Content Protection plugin on the web.

WP Printoflauge

Printoflauge clears the printing clipboard of the user attempting to print your content via the browser printing function – and replaces it with a warning message.

WP Age Please

This plugin extends your default WP registration form to include a simple age validation field in which the user is required to fill his age in order to register successfully.

WP Terms and Privacy

The WP Terms and Privacy Policy plugin extends your default WP registration form by adding a simple, customizable Terms and Conditions entry as well as a Privacy Policy entry.