Pic-Decoy (jQuery version) uses an array of aggressive techniques in copy-protecting your images from being stolen, online. Simply install this script once and leave it to do what it does best – to protect your images! There is no configuration needed and all your images (globally throughout your site) will automatically be protected.

All images are masked (globally throughout your site) –  with a blank decoy image. These ‘decoys’ are not visible to the user (or even you as the administrator). However, once any copy/save method is triggered on your images – then decoy images will be served to the user instead of your real images.


1. disables right-click and view image
2. disables right-click copy image
3. disables right-click copy image location
4. disables right-click save image as
5. disables right-click email image

* includes JavaScript validation with idle redirect
* all images that are dragged, will be the decoy images and NOT the real images. Users are unable to drag real images
* includes a Prt Sc deterrent agent – when the Prt Sc (print screen) key is triggered, the user will be presented with a warning message
* option to redirect the Prt Sc offender to a warning page (or any URL of your choice) in the event that the Prt Sc key is triggered
* disables image printing from browser function – replaces the user’s printing clipboard with a warning message, instead of your images
* compatible with most mobile and smart phone devices
* compatible with all major browsers

* added feature : disables context menu/right click function (handy in the event that the user bypasses the system – which is unlikely) – see installation instruction on how to activate this feature

Simply put, Pic-Decoy works! By far the VERY BEST image protection plugin you will find on the web!